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About Us

Friendly Neighbor Services is an on demand service providing platform that allows you to either become a Provider, or simply request services from providers! We supply guidelines for over 300 services like Yard Help, Landscaping, Power Washing, Seasonal Help, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, and many more, and if you can’t find the service you are looking for, create it!

We are here for you Providing all your essential on demand tasks that you can’t get to, or just don’t have enough time for. Download the app today and get rid of that check list!

How Does It Work?

Providers select the services they’re capable of, then wait for Customers to request them. When Customers request a service, Providers are notified to check out the service and show interest if they want the service!

Customers request tasks and up to 6 Providers can “Show Interest” for the Customer to choose from based on Provider ratings, pictures of their completed services, and bio. If wanted, Customers can also look through the service providers in that area, or their starred (favorite) Providers and invite them to look at the service.

Providers complete the task, and then once the Customers agree the task has been completed how Friendly Neighbor Services describes the given service, the customer pays, and rates the Provider!

Friendly Neighbor Services will give
you your weeklyends back!