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Garden Maintenance Services 

Hourly Garden makeover (combination of a lot of tasks)

  • Complete and fulfill Customers requests

Shrub Trimming

  • Remove unnecessary shrubs by trimming
  • Hall them away and dispose of them when done

Mulching Service

  • Mulch designated area

Tree Trimming

  • Trim unwanted small trees
  • Pick up the branches and dispose of them

Seed Lawn

  • Freshen the lawn soil for seeding purposes
  • Spread the seeds as per client’s instructions
  • Complete a spray of fertilizer onto the feeds
  • Apply covering


  • Take of the unnecessary weeds
  • Put them all in a bag
  • Dispose them if client asks

Flower Planting

  • Plant some beautiful flowers in the lawn
  • Client can choose the flower types
  • Replace the soil for betterment of flowers

Small Tree Removal

  • Remove small trees in the garden/lawn
  • Dispose of them at the dump

Water Plants

  • Water the plants carefully

Vine Removal

  • Complete the Task of vine removal from trees and plants
  • Make the area clean
  • Gather the vines and dispose of them


  • Rototill the garden area (selected by customer)
  • Remove the dry leave by raking the area

Removal of Poisonous Plants

  • Poisonous plants may be present so it’s better to remove them
  • Trim and put it in a bag
  • Dispose of them


Garden Care

  • Water the plants regularly
  • Take care of the soil
  • Pick up weeds if present
  • Any flowers who are not in good shape, remove them
  • Trim the plants time by time

Fertilize Plants/Trees

  • Spread liquid fertilizer into the roots of the plant

Tree Planting

  • Plant the tree into the soil
  • Replace the soil around the tree if requested, for betterment

Shrub Planting

  • Dig through the soil and plant the shrub in it
  • Replace the soil around it if requested, for betterment

Leaf Raking

  • Degenerate destroyed leaves
  • Put them in a bag
  • Take them away and dispose them


  • Clear the area out of weeds

Assemble Decorations

  • Take the tools
  • Gather decorations
  • Check if they’re working correctly

Hang Outside Lights

  • Dangle the light at different areas or Complete as customer says

Take down Outside Lights

  • Remove the lights.
  • Roll them nicely and put them in a bag or container
  • Put the bag/container at a safe place

Create Your Own Service

  • Complete the given Task



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