Providers Agreement / Training

Welcome to the Providers Training/Agreement! This step is the longest step in becoming a Provider for good reason, it will really help you succeed. Once you finish watching the video, and review the vital details below, head back to the app and you should have a Green check mark next to this step!

We have thought a lot about how we can work together to give you the best chance of growing and prospering using the Friendly Neighbor Services Platform. We’ve put all those thoughts in this document – this is your Providers Agreement, as well as Provider Training!

This Providers Training/Agreement is estimated to take 5 minutes to read, and it is highly recommended you finish this in one sitting. There are vital details for you throughout this document so it’s important to read every statement.

First things first though. Let’s get started on your orientation by learning a little bit more about how you play a part in Friendly Neighbor Services. Along with the benefits, there are some guidelines put in place to protect the Platform and users themselves. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in suspension from the Platform.

Friendly Neighbor Services makes it easy for you to complete the tasks you enjoy doing whenever you’d like, and for quite the amount! We take care of making sure everything runs smoothly, the invoicing, and all the expenses giving you a platform where you are in a way, your own business owner. You accumulate ratings from Customers by completing tasks, which will lead to you getting more tasks! Each completed task accumulates before and after pictures for customers to look at when they are picking their trusted Provider. In short, we aim to provide you the tools to spend more time doing what you enjoy, and less of what you don’t! Go out and show interest in as many services as you would like!

Scheduling and payments are easy. All customer payments are processed directly through, a secure server owned by Visa.

Simple right?

Avoiding Off-Platform Payments

All users jeopardize the opportunities offered through Friendly Neighbor Services if payments are made and accepted outside the Friendly Neighbor Services platform.

As a Provider on the Friendly Neighbor Services platform, you should never request or accept payment of any form from the customer except where those payments made through the app. If a customer wishes to tip you for a task well done, they will have the chance to do so through the app once the task is completed.

We take our users’ safety seriously and seek to protect the opportunities of the platform for all users. Because of this, any Provider who circumvents the platform to perform any prohibitions in this Providers Agreement will have their account temporarily suspended or permanently de-activated.

Such decisions are based on evidence gathered from the use of the Platform (in line with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use) and are at the sole discretion of Friendly Neighbor Services and its employees.

Having access to our Platform restricted is a loss for everyone, especially for the fast growing providers like yourself with the ability to reach so many more users than available outside the Platform. Contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

In this part of training, we will teach you about;

  • How much you will earn
  • How and when you will get paid
  • Self-employment information

At Friendly Neighbor Services, we want you to earn as much money as possible. All of the tasks on our platform give the customer to choose from the pre-priced set rates and hourly rates in efforts to save the customer money, but also give you exactly what you deserve! This is one of the amazing features that separates Friendly Neighbor Services from other service providing companies. There are a lot of positives to this, like allowing the customers who only want a power washing touch up and don’t want to pay for a local company to come for $200-2,000, now they can come here and order it by the hour! Also, unlike other platforms where both customers and providers lose a lot of time haggling about tasks and negotiating prices, with us, when tasks are ordered, the customer knows the price, and you will know what you will earn. This is very attractive to both Providers and Customers.

Viewing How Much You Will Earn

When looking at available tasks you may want, you will always see the amount earnable to you in the top right corner of the service description. This allows you to know exactly how much you will earn before selecting “Show Interest” for that task.


Just like in the real world, the Friendly Neighbor Services app allows customers to tip you for when you go above and beyond for them. You receive 100% of the tips as well as any disposal fees. Customers will be charged a disposal fee for tasks that involve haulage, which offset any expense incurred while legally disposing of items.

Reminder – If a customer offers to tip you in cash, please let them know they will have the chance to tip through the app when they check out. Do not accept cash outside the app. Customers get the option after you complete the task to submit a report if outside payments were made.

Safety First

Use your best judgement for the tasks you accept.

When you arrive at the task, if for any reason you do not feel safe, leave the location and immediately contact us at or chat through the app’s “Support” section so we can assist you.

Platform Access Guidelines

Friendly Neighbor Services works hard to find you customers.

We spend a considerable amount of resources attracting users to our platform, so that our Providers can focus on the work that makes them happy, and that earns you a whole lot of revenue. Our efforts allow Providers to spend more of their time completing tasks instead of spending that time on marketing, estimating, invoicing and collecting. We just ask that you treat your profile on the platform as professionally as if it was your own business.

As a Provider, you are an ambassador of the Friendly Neighbor Services platform and we want you to be incredibly successful in this endeavor.

You will find success when you adhere to the following:

  • Accept tasks for the skills you possess – remember, you can always build or acquire new skills if you see there’s a need for them in your area.
  • Accept only the tasks you can complete at the requested time. Also remember, rescheduling requests is not permitted.
  • Tasks may not be cancelled except in the case of an emergency. All cancellations will be reviewed by our team. Repeated cancellations can result in your suspension from the Platform.
  • If the customer requests that you perform additional services, have the customer order Additional Work through the app.
  • All payments must go through the app. Accepting cash or cash equivalents (including checks) directly from a customer is prohibited and will result in suspension from the Friendly Neighbor Services platform.
  • Do not risk your ability to use the platform by sharing personal contact information with your customer. This includes your phone number, email address, website, business card or brochure.
  • Once this Providers Agreement and Training has been completed, please refer to your Provider Profile to check your progress and finish the rest of the registration steps.
  • These last steps are required before you can be activated on the Friendly Neighbor Services platform. You have learned the skills to pay the bills, now finish the process and you’ll be able to work for yourself!


Thank you for reviewing the Providers Training / Agreement. You feel ready yet to become a super Friendly Neighbor in town? Head back to the app and celebrate the Green check mark for this task!